htaccess-generator is a NodeJS project.

htaccess-generator is a command-line software to generating file .htaccess for your web-server simply passing parameters and arguments.


htgen [OPTION1] [OPTION2]... arg1 arg2...

The following options are supported:

-w,	--www	[ARG1]	Redirects to
-o,	--oldfile	[ARG1] [ARG2] 	Redirects 301 old-file.html to new-file.html
-O,	--olddir	[ARG1] [ARG2] 	301 Redirect Entire Directory old-dir/ to new-dir/
-c,	--cache 	[ARG1]...[ARGN] 	Cache System with separate arguments for extensions
-p,	--cachepublic 		Option PUBLIC in cache system
-P, 	--cacheprivate 		Option PRIVATE in cache system
-b, 	--blockhtaccess 		Prevent viewing of .htaccess file
-B, 	--blockdirindex 		Prevent directory listings
-d, 	--defaultindex 	[ARG1] 	Change default directory page



I personally use this tool to generate file .htaccess directly.

./htgen -w > .htaccess

... And put this file in home directory of website. Ready-To-Use!


In the source code version you have to install a module of dipendence:

npm install stdio



After download binary, if you want to install htgen as a command-line default program, use this:

sudo ln -s /dir/where/htgen-file/is /usr/bin/htgen
Password: (digit your root password)

Ok, now you can launch command htgen from any positions (and directories) in your command-line.